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When in doubt… be great (18 photos)

Beauty is not just on the outside.but on the inside too (and sometimes that’s where all the chaos really is)!

For the ones who broke the rules, sat in front, carried a sign, spoke up and rose up to be heard and considered. They knew it was time and they knew they were right. They took up the fight and paid the price. They were called wild, crazy. We call them heroes. With admiration and gratitude-- for the WILD circle of sisters who stood up for us. What are you being called to stand up for? Whatever it is, don't ignore it!!

Tell em! - A young protester carrying a “girls are strong” sign. Taken during an ERA march demanding equal rights for women in Tacoma, WA,


I sure hate being copied but hey, it should be flattering that someone likes my style right?

Stand up for ALL women: black, asian, muslim, latina, disabled, trans, fat, poor, rich, white. Intersectional feminism

31 Women& March Posters That Perfectly Illustrate Black Women& Problem With Feminism

More than 5,000 reports of sexual assault in fiscal year 2013, a spike of 50%. Troops feel more confident coming forward, says Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. About 65% of victims of all sexual assaults were 24 or younger. By far, most victims were junior enlisted troops. The Army, the largest of the services, had the most victims, with 1,201. The Coast Guard reported five victims.

Sexual assault in the military by the numbers

Rape is caused by rapist misogyny structural violence institutional tolerance not by women's clothes the way she walks the way she crosses her legs

That Kind Of Woman

Go to sleep erase them let it out let them go if you're unhappy with the way you are living you life change it --m.k quote, poem

Welcome To LadyLuxuryDesigns, Thank You For Following Me!  You Are Beautiful... --- LadyLuxury

Welcome To LadyLuxuryDesigns, Thank You For Following Me! You Are Beautiful... --- LadyLuxury