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Needless to say, water sprays out, like, everywhere.

Mineral Water Spray

4/13 "It may seem silly, but these little cans are true lifesavers! I started using Evian spray while traveling, as my skin would dry out so quickly. Now I use them almost every day! They are so easy to throw into my purse for a quick refresher." -Meredith M, Executive Assistant #Sephora #DailyObsessions

Great Elephant Photograph! Unfortunately, future generations may only see photos of these amazing creatures . . . Elephants are also losing their habitats—and ancient migratory routes—due to expanding human settlements, plantation development and the construction of infrastructure such as roads, canals and pipelines. As a result, the level of human-elephant conflict rises as elephants are forced to try access resources.

evian water spray travel size

I took this bunk end completely off the camper because it was in such bad shape. 1 part bleach, 1 part vinegar, to 2 parts water. Spray on tenting, let sit for a few minutes, then spray OxiClean. It works miracles on tough stains. Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose.

evian water spray travel size