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A little of everything on this page, but I love this parts of five idea and a progress idea

F is for First Grade: Quick Math Station Activity -- numbers and apples . change to pumpkins?

Cool Teach - Adventures in Teaching: Numbers

Clothes Hanger Math: Any number is placed in the middle. Students create their own problem and display it on the hanger.

Include on Calendar Board or in Calendar Time Binders???

Number of the Day.love the idea, but I think I will have my students write the answers in their Math Journals. This will cut down on lots of paper waste. Thanks, Lory's Page :)

Fun addition or multiplication game. Put number cards in a spiral. Start at the center: roll a die, move that many spaces, and add/multiply the number on the die and the number card you landed on.

Addition/Subtraction game (could do with multiplying). Students roll a dice, move that many spaces, add the number on the dice to the number card they landed on. How many more to make ten?

stempelen met een dobbelsteen! leuk en leerzaam!

Stamping with Dice

Dice stamping to do math Could simplify to match dots on dice to numbers on another sheet.perhaps use larger dice for easier stamping.

Counting Activities

Counting Activities

Counters w/ pipe cleaners/beads. great for fine motor skills, too. Fine motor station suggestions for preschool teachers INSTEAD of writing

Number Line Addition  Subtraction Math Games.  You can use the tops of dried up markers.

Number Line Math Games. Materials Needed for Number Line Addition and Number Line Subtraction games: A die labeled w/ & each on 2 sides. Counters to move along the game board. The Number Line game boards included in the file.