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Vegetable protein percentage chart, this would come in handy when planning meals for more protein-rich vegan diet

See you really don& need meat to get protein! Vegetable and grain protein is much better for your body and has lots of other vitamins along with it!

Just Add Good Stuff is all about promoting health and nutrition. The infographic series includes health benefits, nutritional information, facts and figures about various vegetables, fruits and whole foods that you should add to your diet and nutrition program. We’ve made it easy to learn through presenting information in an image based format (called an Infograph or Infogram). Hope you enjoy them!

Kale Infographic Top 10 Health Benefits Of Kale Interesting Facts Nutritional Info And Recipes Kale

Re-pin this so everyone can learn about this AMAZING ingredient for good health! http://danettemay.com/

Chia seeds benefits

Chia seed benefits- when my mom and sister told me about this, I thought it was a fad diet or something. Turns out it's just damn healthy.

kidney stone flush

This Lemon Juice recipe to dissolve dissolve kidney stones is a natural remedy that is effective and inexpensive.


The A to Z guide of the food industry& most evil ingredients by The Health Ranger

The Hidden Power of Garlic #foodfacts http://bestbodybootcamp.com/

Hidden Power of Garlic

Garlic, the health keeper. This infographic tells us about garlic and its available forms and amazing health benefits.

The Elixir of Life: Here is Why You Should Drink More Water ...

The Elixir of Life: Here is Why You Should Drink More Water ...

The Benefits Of Lemon Water Infographic - How many of you start your day with lemon water? Its one of the most beneficial things you can do in the morning.it will change your life! Cleanse, detox, and get to your weight loss results faster!

Detox Chart of food for various parts of your body - excellent information

BODY DETOX CHART - Cleanse your body! Liver cleansing raw food anti cancer diet recipes for a healthy liver.

How to Fire Up Your Thyroid....I'm certainly not one to jump on the boat and bash "conventional" medicine but good facts for me

How to Fire Up Your Thyroid

Thyroid Healing Program Infographic - link is to some kind of affiiate program, but this has some good basic info such as helpful tests for thyroid function and effects of hypothyroidism like depression and infertility.

Herbs and spices to include in a paleo diet turmeric

Doreen Virtue Official Fan Page The Healing Wonders of Tumeric Tumeric has long been used as a healing spice. Michael and I take tumeric daily. It can be used as a spice or in capsule form. The ancient healing wisdom is returning to help us all!

This Is Your Body On Coffee (Infographic). Interesting might help to keep things in mind

This Is Your Body On Coffee (Infographic)

Food pH chart

Diet Food pH Food Chart - almost confirms that the healthier you eat the better it is for your pH balance also even when combining high pH foods with lean