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The WingLights attach easily to the ends of you handlebars (currently only straight handlebars but they are working on adapting for bullhorn and cruiser bars) and are illuminated with a simple tap. Indicator lights, so simple and they increase the confidence of a cyclist. The lights are great for any type of weather, visible in the day, definitely at night and don’t even notice if they get wet.

Nora: The Smart Snoring Solution

Nora doesn’t require the snorer to wear anything like a mouthpiece or headgear, compromising their comfort. Instead, Nora combines simple biology with technology to stop snoring before it has the chance to bother anyone in the vicinity.

BBQ-Donut: Grill and Chill

A circular “boat”, the bbq-donut is equipped with a barbeque grill at the centre. Now, the bbq-donut is in use across the world in over 40 countries. The barge seats up to 10 people, and includes under-seat storage for all of your supplies. And not to worry, the built-in table is molded with place settings to ensure food and drink stay put despite the moving current.

Edyn Garden Sensor: Your Technological Green Thumb

The Edyn Garden Sensor is a device that will monitor the soil conditions, weather, and moisture in the air and in the ground, and from the data, gives advice and suggestions so that anyone can cultivate a great garden. Edyn will even pick out which plants will thrive the best according to the data collected.

MyShake: Your Phone Becomes an Earthquake Detector

ili: The World's First Wearable Translator

ili is the world’s first wearable translator. It allows the user to translate their thoughts with a push of a button. It is a tiny device you can actually hang around your neck like a piece of jewelery.

Two-piece speaker system combines detachable mini Sound Bar and powerful ported subwoofer Bass Station with wireless charging

YOUMO: The Smart Modular Power Bar

Enter YOUMO, the modular power bar. Build and expand a power strip to fit your growing and changing needs. With USB and wireless charging modules, as well as standard outlets, it’s a power bar that can grow with you.

Flow: Advanced Intelligent Water Bottle

Using the Flow app, the bottle is able to synchronize with your smart device to keep track of your intake via Bluetooth technology. The Flow app also calculates a personalized hydration program based on knowledge such as your height, weight, physical activity level, and environmental conditions.