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"Melting" Drywall Keeps Rooms Cool | MIT Technology Review

"Melting" Drywall Keeps Rooms Cool

Ruumide värvimine

Ruumide värvimine - see on imelihtne - Värvimistehnikad - Nokitse.

Four graduate students - Jane Chen, Linus Liang, Naganand Murty, and Rahul Panicker - designed a low-cost incubator design that could help save premature babies born into poverty.  The team created a sleeping bag with a removable heating element.  The end product looks like a quilted sleeping bag that is durable and portable. The cost to produce the Embrace is $200 and they are given to those who need them.

The low cost tech that's saving babies

Low cost incubator for babies. Contains phase change material plus detachable heating element to regulate and maintain temperature.


PureTemp phase change material is now available in high-performance Vesl devices

Painéis Para Poupar Energia

New Drywall Building Material Can Cut Buildings' Energy Consumption by ~ Energy Madness

Matériau À Changement De Phase Thermo-Conducteur

Matériau À Changement De Phase Thermo-Conducteur

Temperature Control during phase-change energy storage.

Temperature Control during phase-change energy storage using PCMs


Outlast® technology, originally developed for NASA, utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.

Gecko tape -- an index-card-size piece of Geckskin should support up to 700 pounds. That's enough might to secure large-screen televisions to a wall without damaging it or leaving residue after it's removed.

5 science breakthroughs in 2012

Gecksin was developed at UMass Amherst and named one of the top five science breakthroughs of 2012 by CNN.