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"14 timeless fairy tales are revisited and reworked to become relevant fables for more modern times. These hilarious adaptations satirize and sanitize the sexist, racist, nationalist, ageist, sizeist, ethnocentrist, and phallocentrist biases of classic bedtime stories. Familiar exploits of beloved characters are related from a respectful, prejudice-free perspective for example "Snow White escapes to the cottage of “seven vertically-challenged men." More fun!

"Injecting our popular holiday fables with a modern perspective is no easy task, ... Garner joyfully frees these holiday tales from sexism, ageism, religious imperialism, and every other sorry vestige of our flawed, low-consciousness past." Story titles inlude 'Twas the Night Before Solstice, Frosty the Persun of Snow, and Rudolph the Nasally Empowered Reindeer plus two more. Great fun!

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398.2 is the fairy tale section for the Dewey Decimal cute and so nerdy

A great story about a man who became what the world knows him as today because of the strength of his convictions and the gentle, indomitable persistence with which he expressed them. He was the modern world's first true organizer for social change on a national scale.

The Art of Looking: How Eleven Different Perspectives Illuminate the Multiple Realities of Our Everyday Wonderland

The Art of Looking: What 11 Experts Teach Us about Seeing Our Familiar City Block with New Eyes | Brain Pickings

THE BOOK RIOT 50: #27 Growing Up With Robots

Cinder, Marissa Meyer Ostensible Age Range: 13 – 18 Cinder, the first heroine of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series and a reboot (harr harr) of the fairytale Cinderella, is technically a cyborg. How much of her is human and how much mechanical (not to mention the reasons why) are questions that causes her no end of trouble, especially in the society of New Beijing where cyborgs are second-class citizens.