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The talent and imagination to produce this tattoo is simply awesome.  The image of a finely carved wooden limb is so realistic that I would worry about carpenter ants trying to nest in it.  Truly, this is art, whether concept or reality.

Funny pictures about Leg Tattoo. Oh, and cool pics about Leg Tattoo. Also, Leg Tattoo photos.

Omg this is the most beautiful, detailed, gorgeous rose tattoo. I would never get this big of tattoo but I had to share how pretty an feminine this tattoo ink design is.

if i didn't have to ever have a professional job, i would totally get an armpiece tattoo with all the things i love & that are important to me.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs are something regularly looked upon after by tattoo fans all over the world. As you span through the agenda of sleeve Tattoo Designs that


Beautiful line art of trees and mountains landscape. Barbara Rebelo.

Awesome half sleeve tattoo featuring linear landscape of mountains and trees. Done by tattooist Barbara Rebelo