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i want this as a tattoo on my back always remember - life is a gift life is beautiful arabic tattoo placement ink

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After everything, deep down Oliver knew he was still a human. It's all in this evil spirit. But there's his own conscience in there. He's completely aware of what he's doing, and he's making decisions together with his demon.

"And it turns out you're too human after all. You are a human peasant, the scum on the bottom of my shoe, and defeating you will be the easiest thing I've done in centuries.

I receive this

If something is destined for you, never in a million years will it be for somebody else. (Step Quotes Gods Will)

Saved me from myself. Planned above my plan better than I ever could. Knew what was wrong for me despite me thinking it's right. It's not my guardian angel watching me. It's my Allah