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Almost as scary as the Jewel at Broadway and Montrose.

What if the most scary film horror characters were still alive now? Federico Chiesa and Carolina's photography project “Horror Vacui“ and the terrifying Shining twins.

Mr T at his best!

Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr T's lap! The photo was taken in December of when Mr. T was invited to Washington to help the First Lady unveil the White House Christmas decorations. At the time Nancy Reagan was campaigning the just say no to drugs for kids.

Facelift by Laurie Lipton

Illustrated Insanity - Laurie Lipton is scaring me to death. These drawings are seriously creeping me out. Laurie Lipton is a London-based artist who loves to make you th.

|  http://pinterest.com/toddrsmith/boards/  |  - Creepy monkey - #R0UGH -

This is what I pictured the monkey in the Stephen king shortie to look like. -- use one for the carnival Halloween decor

De aquí el miedo de muchos a los payasos

Okay so why do I yell at the screen for the people in horror movies NOT to open that door or NOT to go into the house when I'd do exactly the same thing? Curiosity killed the clown.well you know what I mean. Would you sit next to that clown?

Totally awkward pregnancy photos... Please, please, PLEASE, if any of my friends get pregnant, recreate these pictures!

Funny pictures about Totally awkward pregnancy photos. Oh, and cool pics about Totally awkward pregnancy photos. Also, Totally awkward pregnancy photos.

Don't you think...cycling nutrition is a habitual thing!! chek this out.... http://bestbikesforwomen.com/nutrition-tips-for-women-cyclists/ #womenbike

I hate parents who don't care about their kids. You know that she don't know the condition of her kid and enjoying bike riding. Funny fail parenting of the day that will shock you.

51 Walmart Shoppers That Are Beyond Messed Up!

You'll be surprised to see what some people wear when they leave their homes. Feast your eyes on nine shocking images captured by Walmart cameras all over!


Unusual Lamp with Dogs Poop Switch Button The design may look bizarre; some people perhaps will say it is odious. But for me, the Pooping Dog Lamps created

Act 3: Hermia believes Helena won Lysander's love with her height. Helena would be played by this vertically gifted woman

Get her some damn shoes that fit for god sake! Act Hermia believes Helena won Lysander's love with her height. Helena would be played by this vertically gifted woman