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From one gorgeous gal to another. Today is National Holy Crap You're Hot Day! Send it on to all the gorgeous gals in your life ;

I looked at this photo while drinking water. what happened: *starts choking* *looks away from picture* swallows hard *sputters* *cough* *gasp* looks back at the screen *dayum!* turns around and my mom was watching the whole thing... and says to me "i dont think this fandom is healthy for you darling."

This is one of my favorite pictures of Zayn.who am I kidding I love every picture .

Cute pic.  Could change the saying to something like, "We go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows."  :)

I love patterns that look like they might be found in your grandma's pattern book, until you read it or look more closely and discover that it's actually really modern and quirky :D LOL

hot tea :) This would be a perfect cheesy pick-up line

We couldn't resist a hot tea pun for Hot Tea Month!it's Hot Tea Month? :D (To me, every month is Hot Tea Month ^_^ )

[Ash.] "Helllooo I'm Ashton. I'm 22 and single." I wink and chuckle "I have a baby girl named chase who I love more then anything. Her mother died when chase was born so...." I bite my lip. "Anyways I'm in a band with a bunch of losers and I giggle like a little schoolgirl.. I love to sing and to read and to play the drums oh and to tour. And that's really it sooo say hi?"

best ashton pics on

boys take fashion tips from ashton Irwin please

Ugh...see I don't just like him for his looks... Johnny Depp

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