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13 Incredible Reproductive Rights Memes, Because Sometimes No One Says It Better Than Ryan Gosling

I know what it means! It means they've found another way to keep women disadvantaged.

The Princess Bride: I can't control my reproductive health because of my boss's religious beliefs. That's called "Freedom of Religion" Inigo Montoya: You keep saying that. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Proud to be a woman with the freedom to vote and thankful for the women who fought and died to for my right to do so!

Previous pinner: Screw both parties.send a message, vote third party.

This Is What Sexism Against Men Sounds Like - Video

This Is What Sexism Against Men Sounds Like

A lot of feminists forget that sexism affects men as well, therefore feminism is all about men, too! Feminism is about equality, not just women power.

Cecilia Payne Gaposchkin was an English-American astronomer who was the first to discover that the sun was composed primarily of hydrogen, but, due to pressure from her male colleagues, she was forced to make a less definitive statement in her thesis and is often not credited with the finding at all.

Cecilia payne gaposchkin, when it comes to the composition of the universe hydrogen is the most abundant atom.

Should be mandatory for the first day of kindergarten!

A powerful statement to address one of my pet peeves. kids looking for the 'peach' crayon and asking, "where's the skin color crayon?" I always reply with a small handful of various shades. Would be nice if everyone's crayon box was like this.

OMYGOSH!! Wow that took a lot of effort! Round of applause for everyone who contributed!

I already loved The Nightmare Before Christmas, but because of these facts it makes me appreciate it even more. This is truly a wonderfully beautiful movie. Corpse Bride definitely has to be my second favorite Tim Burton movie.