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"I do a great impression of a hot dog" hot dogs

Don’t be shy my sheldon

Sheldon the adorable turtle/dinosaur!

Gotta love Captain Dickson from 21 Jump Street! #movie #quotes

Captain Dickson from 21 Jump Street!

Everybody Hates Chris (Brown) lol

Jay-z is missin'.

Mean girls

Mean Girls She doesnt even go here! haha my fav part of mean girls!

Mrs. Doubtfire. Easily one of the funniest movies from my childhood

Doubtfire one of my favorite Robin Williams movies


My school has some good humor

This is hilarious and all, but that person misspelled "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and that bothers me.<<I would write I am Groot.

12 Lessons From "Now And Then" About Being A Woman

Now A favorite movie of mine when I was growing up! Now A favorite movie of mine when I was growing up! Now A favorite movie of mine when I was growing up!

I. Was. That fairy. Chicago 2013.

Bo Burnham- what

Inspo // Mood

Life lessons learned from Eric Matthews, good morals taught by Boy Meets World, inspirational BMW quotes expressed in GIFs.

Sally Field in Mrs. Doubtfire

The whole time, yep

this is totally you cara!

Bridesmaids ~ Flight Attendant - "You ahve three seconds to go back to your seat. Annie - "You can't get anywhere in three seconds. You're setting me up for loss already.

One of my favorite quotes

One of my favourite quotes

the best no-kiss movie? I do love fat amy! "I have a feeling we should kiss." "I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, 'mmm, better not." Pitch Perfect - Fat Amy :) That movie cracked me up!

Uptown Girls, 2003

Uptown Girls, 2003



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