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In news a few days ago from Disney Junior, a new show is in production. Watch for a new Muppet Babies series to Debut in early 2018!! Awesome! Sounds great!

New “Muppet Babies” Series Coming To Disney Junior 2018

The Muppet Babies :)

Muppet Babies (puppets)

The Muppet Babies :) I had Miss Piggy

muppet babies pictures - I remember when they were babies

Muppet Babies (puppets)

Favorite cartoon ever: Muppet Babies. Seriously, I LOVED the "Muffet" Babies as a kid.

Just a sample of the art from the Muppets art show.

This fulfills my recent muppet obsession.

Can't wait to have our muppet viewing party next month!!!!

So Many Fun Muppets Foods & Activities! Links to free printables!

The (Original) Muppet Movie // Gonzo with Ballooons

The (Original) Muppet Movie // Gonzo with Ballooons. The Gonzo could be a birthday present.

Muppet Babies, i could not stand miss piggy ;) but i loved this show

Muppet Babies

Muppet Babies, i could not stand miss piggy ;

Celebrating 25 Years of Pixar (Luxo Jr. Variant) by Dave Perillo - Montygog's Art-O-Rama!

Celebrating 25 Years of Pixar! Look at all the amazing characters they have created in just a quarter of a century! Can't wait to to see what they do the next 25 years!

muppet party ideas - Google Search

Muppet fruit tray Would be cute with a fruit dip in the middle too.

Muppet Babies Cartoon Intro 1985

30 Best Cartoon Theme Songs of the and ~ Soul In Stereo