Phoenix tattoo idea.... I want it flying up my side

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo has become popular lately. Many believe Phoenix is a bird like creature that can rise even from its own ashes after getting burned down.

Phoenix- life is striving and challenging, and you are ready to take on any hurdle that life throws at you. Survival: Phoenix is re-born from its ashes, but first it needs to burn. Thus, a phoenix tattoo means that you have undergone a terrible and tiring time, have transformed and overcome the struggle.

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Tribal Tattoo Designs

tribal phoenix designs-- I'd never get tribal or a phoenix tatt in black. just saving this as a reference for positioning.

Phoenix female tattoo design by EmmaJaneOGrady on DeviantArt

Phoenix female tattoo design by ~EmmaJaneOGrady on deviantART I love this! But maybe with the face a little more dainty

Phoenix Rising Drawing - Phoenix Color by Terri Meredith

Phoenix Rising Drawing - Phoenix Color by Terri Meredith- I would love this with the tail feathers a bright burning red instead


Phoenix Art Fire Bird Custom Ink Drawing Black & White by tarren. want to draw