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bamboo keyboard

iZen Bamboo Keyboard with Bluetooth wireless made of bamboo for Mac (similar dimensions to Apple Wireless Keyboard)

The Humble Velocipede by Small Wonder Toys, via Kickstarter.

The Humble Velocipede, by Small Wonder Toys, is described as "a desktop bamboo walking machine." You may have seen Strandbeest, the massive kinetic sculptu

Eco-Friendly Bamboo MacBook Case by Silva Offers Zen-Like Minimalism

Silva’s sleek bamboo laptop case is the perfect eco-accessory for housing your motherboard when you’re out and about in your proverbial power suit.

Modern Bamboo Steamer - Large | QUITOKEETO

Modern Steamer - Large

Modern Steamer - Large If you aspire to a cooking style that focuses on clean eating, simple and direct flavors, and ingredients bright with vitality - a good steamer is indispensable.

because who doesn't need a beautiful bamboo keyboard  //  West Elm

because who doesn't need a beautiful bamboo keyboard // West Elm

Infographic: The Benefits Of Owning A Dog

Infographic: 38 benefits of Owning a Dog. Best way to own a dog?

They're keys.  Like I said before, I like things that are a little unconventional.

Top 15 Original Chess Sets

Gizmodo - Skeleton Key Chess Board Puts The Smackdown On Sore Losers - Skeleton key chess set