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Quiet people have the loudest minds. I dunno about the loudest, but pretty darn loud, for sure!

Do this more often :) we're only kids don't wish to grow up because you can never go back. And don't center your world around him friends are more important

When things are rough.I love this. I wish my parents would have said this to me, so thought i would pin for my kids to see. I love my kids.

And it was the second that got me where I am and I need the second to take me further

Yesssss if only is the worst thought...even if you fail, at least you gave it a go! Through trying, you lived waaaay more than if you'd just let the opporunity pass you by.

Rules of a Lady no "The worst thing you cand do is to not try. To be aware of what you want, but to not give in to it. And to wonder, years down the line, 'if only.