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music: Jacaszek / video: Pedro Maia Dare Gale video is based on super 8 shootings made by Michal Jacaszek and Pedro Maia at Porto and results from the work in the dark room using analogue means of light manipulation of the celluloid and superposition film. The super 8 footage and its manipulation of the film is the starting point of a visual exploration resulting from the interplay of vibrant patterns and the effect of light on the objects. The manipulation transforms the viewing of the…

Marcus Fjellstrom - Dance Music 3

Marcus Fjellstrom - Dance Music 3. Dance Music 3 is taken from the EP Marcus Fjellström "Epilogue -M-"

Bryter Layter: "First Light"

from the "Two Lenses" LP (Students of Decay, 2011) Music: Joseph Raglani and Mike Pollard Film: John Davis

Hiraki Sawa "Going Places Sitting Down"

Hirawaki Sawa Going Places sitting Down three-channel video projection, mins.

From the WIP of my mixed media on wood "Petite femme des forêts nues"( I made this short video about seasons, how they are forming a slow circle...

TIM HECKER - the piano drop

fan-made video for 'the piano drop', the first song from the album ravedeath, 1972 by tim hecker.

Drawing inspiration from the installation, students from the Shepherd School of Music collaborate with Rice Gallery to create the ongoing series New Art / New Music.

David Sylvian "Small Metal Gods"