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"Fury" Volcanic eruption, Acrylic on 20x30 canvas

"Fury" Volcanic eruption, Acrylic on canvas

João A. Carvalho aka J Desenhos owns a community Facebook page called Nas linhas do caderno, which translates to "The Lines Notebook" (thanks Google Translate!). In it, he shares amazing artwork by plenty of talented artists, including his own work. João draws and doodles on notebooks much like

J Desenhos’ Mind-Blowing 3D Artwork is Something You Need to See

Nature Illustrations - Svabhu Kohl - Whales and Constellations Artwork | Small for Big

worth 1000 words: stars and sea

Great artworks by Filipino-American artist and designer Leonardo Santamaria.  Leonardo has produced work for clients such as The New York Times, Vanishing Angle Films, GentleMayhem, Narratively, Designmatters, Unnamed Press, aomngst others.  More illustrations Visit his website

Illustrations by Leonardo Santamaria

‘Tokyo Storefront’ Illustration Series by Mateusz Urbanowicz

Amazing 'Tokyo Storefront' Illustration Series by Mateusz Urbanowicz

When I moved to Tokyo, more than 3 years ago I was really surprised that upon my walks I encountered so many shops still in business in really old buildings. Differently to Kobe, where the earthquake wiped out a lot of these old downtown houses and shops,

jordan andrew carter                                                       …

jordan andrew carter (The Jealous Curator)

Is there a way to layer George Washington and historical figures in current clothes? Play with old and new, etching and illustration jordan andrew carter … Más

Hand Study / Drawing on Various Papers w/ Mixed Media - Conway High School Art Project

(Hand Study / Drawing on Various Papers w/ Mixed Media - Conway High School Art Project) Strength in unity