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Presidential/Election Unit Main Idea Mobile

May use this for upcoming units on Election or on Presidents Day.Construct a Flag Mobile with the Flag as the Main Idea and the Stars as the Details. We read an Edhelper article and did this activity! Looks great in my hallway!

Middle Ages Unit: 14 Engaging Lessons to teach the Middle Ages (Medieval Times)

The Middle Ages: A Unit Plan! A unit full of hands-on, engaging, and authentic activities!

50 Printables for Early Finishers & Enrichment

Fifty printables for enrichment and early finishers. Critical and creative thinking activities for a wide range and ability of students in grades 1-4. You may even find activities that correlate with whole class units of study as activities cover all subject areas. Unit contains a mixture of open ended response pages, independent research activities and direct question and answer pages.

Presidents' Day Collaboration Portrait Poster BUNDLE

This is a bundle of my bundles :) You will get all of my Obama and George Washington Grid projects in one place. There are 4 art lessons and 2 unscramble worksheets. Great way to teach about the first President and the current President.... or save one for next year and do one this year!

Using this I have..Who has... game, students will have fun listening for clues all related to President's Day. There are a total of 24 cards, direc...

Opinion Writing Unit {Let's Write an Opinion!}

Opinion writing unit for primary grades! Loads of activities, prompts, posters, and writing pages to help teach students to write their own opinions!

Make Rounding Dog-Gone Easy

I have used this method with my own students for well over 5 years, and it has made all the difference. It's all about the color! Once students have been through this mini-unit, rounding to the tens is a snap. That sets students up for success for rounding to hundreds and thousands later on.