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Explore Kallsoy Faroe, Note I M and more!

A distant storm of the coast of Kallsoy Faroe Islands. In the process of planning my next trip back there for a personal project. On another note I'm looking for an assistant in London on the 9th and 10th of May - shoot me an email if interested. by robbiel1

A fishing tanker battles through a snow storm off the island of Kallsoy Faroe Islands by robbiel1 on Instagram

Kallsoy Faroe Islands @visitfaroeislands @suitcasemag by robbiel1

I met this fisherman in his cabin on the south east shoreline of Torshavn the capital of the Faroe Islands. A storm had erupted out of a fairly calm winter's afternoon and when I arrived the wind was battering the thin tin walls of the building. Upon entering I was met with the warmth of an open flame that heated the room from one corner the salty smell of fresh fish and loud classical music. This rather beautiful assault on my senses will remain with me for a long while. by robbiel1

@_julian.f_ here with my final post for the week! Hope you enjoyed the takeover I had a great time sharing my work with you all. Really appreciate the feedbackand thank you to Artur ( @artherius ) at #minimalzine for inviting me to take part in the series by minimalzine

An afternoon lounging in London before we head back to the frozen north. by tom_pigeon

The view from San Giorgio // Pietro Lunetta #photooftheday #venice #view #art #architecture #storm #clouds #sunset #fortuny by fortunyvenezia

I gots me some stickers!!! Woohoo Time to sticker EVERYTHING by _bethlamont_