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kafiristan: Looking Across Generations in Hyderabad by United Nations Photo. A grandfather in the Banjara tribal community showers his affection on a young boy near Hyderabad, India.Photo ID Hyderabad, India. UN Photo/John Isaac.

Monaco Princely Family Celebrate National Day 19 Nov 2016......their faces......not friendly at all!! Not attractive.....brrrr!

Asia: India by Jordi Gallego When see the beautiful Children of the World we see a future. We must never forget the children, tomorrow's future generation. Every Child Matters. We must free the children suffering harm and abuse of conflicts across the globe. We all have a moral obligation to do anything we can to help and protect the innocence and childhood of God's Children. May God Bless the Children of the World and keep them safe. We are all God's Children, One Love, One Human Race, One…

Integrating the accurate, innovate technologies effectively into your existing systems can be difficult to know- whether it’s solar, wind or hydro generation. We, at Schneider Electric are helping people in reducing the carbon footprint and in sustainable development in India and across the globe. Learn how we’re helping build ‘Inclusive Smart Cities’ in India, at: http://inclusivesmartcities.schneider-electric.co.in/

Traditional methods of searching life partner are replaced with Matrimonial Services in India.In takes pride in leading this transformation. With launch of WMmatrimonial.com we have created an online meeting point for prospective bride and groom from different caste, communities, countries, religions, languages, etc. Our expertise and people’s trust has made it one of the most popular matrimony portals, across the globe.

Legendary filmmaker Yash Chopra passed away at the age of 80 yesterday after suffering from dengue and organ failure. This happened just three weeks shy of the release of his last picture, Jab Tak Hai Jaan. It is a sad, sad time for generations of people in India and his patrons across the globe. Nevertheless, his legacy lives on through his cinema that redefined Hindi films. We bring you the top reasons we love Yash Chopra's movies.

#Gold #inevstment provides unbeatable yields in #EURO, reliability and durability for ordinary people around the Globe

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