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Lol this happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!! My father wanted to fix the my table and I told him to do it whenever he could because my book wasn't very intresting but I didn't have anything better to do so I just kept Reading and than the book startet to get interestning and that my father decided to Come and fix my table leaving me in agony because I wanted to read but couldn't because he needed my help

OMG THIS GIRL WHO HASN'T READ THE BOOK WAS TALKING IN THE HALL THIS MORNING AND SHE'S ALL LIKE OMG I LOVE FOUR HE'S SO HOT AND BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! And I started hyperventilating because I wanted to stab her in the eye with a butter knife so bad


Divergent. Mayson's faction story: Okay, so I start in Abnegation, right? Yah. And then I move to Erudite. But then, when they all rage war on everyone, I get the heck out and move to Dauntless! But I can do that because I can withstand those three factions: I'm Divergent! Yay! ;) Emma, Kylie, I want your faction story. :|