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Chickens are amazing natural artists

Hard cooked, fresh eggs are harder to peel than old eggs, which can be frustrating if you don't know the secret to peeling them easily. And here's a hint: there are no additives required!

Herbs and Their Uses for Your Chickens' Health

Natural Chicken Keeping: Natural Lice and Mite Prevention: Using Herbs in the Nest Box. Includes a list of herbs to use.

Natural Chicken Keeping: Why Putting Sod in Your Brooder Will Help Your Chicks

Natural Chicken Care and Chicken Keeping, Care for chickens in a natural, organic and holistic way. Methods based on chicken behavior and biology.

Mites - Natural Prevention and Treatment for your Chickens | Fresh Eggs Daily®

Fresh Eggs Daily®: Mites - Natural Prevention and Treatment for your Chickens

7 Tips For Keeping Backyard Chicken Eggs Safe To Eat

The Most common reasons for a drop in egg production and what can be done to get chickens back to work Would love a cute basket for this

Dakin's Solution for Wound cleaning in chickens.

How to Care for an Injured Chicken

A Rainbow of Egg Colors (and information about factors that affect the color)

A Rainbow of Egg Colors. Tells which type of chicken lays each colored egg. Here is a guide that might help if you are looking to add some color to your nesting boxes

what not to feed chickens-avacados, chocolate/candy, citrus, green potato peels, dry beans, junk/processed food, moldy/rotten food

What NOT to Feed Chickens

The 7 Deadly Sins of Feeding Chickens - 7 Things Not to Feed Your Chickens {Our chickens are the garbage disposals of our homestead! But, there are a few items I try to avoid throwing in their bucket.

Chicken coop with a rain water catching system.

This is an awesome idea. A chicken coop rainwater catcher that automatically fills the water dispenser. My coop is about from the nearest water source in my yard. Lugging a bucket gets old quick. Goat shed idea also