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Fiz a seleção de alguns pôsters vintage de campanhas da Coca-cola. Algumas delas datam de antes do ano de 1900. Podemos notar que grande parte deles usam com

41 propagandas antigas da Coca-Cola para inspiração

Old Coca cola ads and posters

oca Cola I like this pin because it's pink I personally don't drink coca cola as it has a bad affect on me.

25 Health Products You'll Be Glad You Don't See Today

"The ideal brain tonic" with Hilda Clark (from - Coca Cola! Love it, wish I had one now 'cause my brain could sure use the tonic!

#Coca-Cola | Delicious, Refreshing, Invigorating, Thirst, Quenching

110 Propagandas Antigas da Coca-Cola

Always loved the retro feel of Coca‑Cola posters and adverts? As part of our anniversary celebrations, Coca‑Cola is giving us the chance to go vintage!

Schweppes 1908
I didn't know Schweppes was that old O_O *slurps from raspberry ginger ale can*

Even over a century later, this ad could sell me dry ginger ale, etc. Schweppes Soda Water etc.

Guess Bud drinkers back in 1963 were well-dressed!  haha

Pick a Pair of Six-Packs, Budweiser, 1963

It's Orange Crush for her! vintage 1940s ad

Orange Crush - Vintage Ad Since I've started watching MadMen I've been obsessed with old ads as artwork.

Vintage Italian Posters ~ #illustrator  #Italian #posters ~ old San Pellegrino advertising

0211 Vintage Italian Posters ~ ~ old San Pellegrino advertising

1966 7Up // Wet & Wild

1966 Seven Up Classic Vintage Print Ad

Love this so much, it's hanging in my kitchen.

Martini Rossi & Torino Posters by Marcello Dudovich vintage