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The fantastic Working Class Movement Library in Manchester allows you to explore 200 years of working class movement activism

From the Collection Care blog post 'A Guide to British Library Book Stamps'. Image: Oval stamps containing the royal arms flanked by a lion and unicorn with the words BRITISH MUSEUM; used 1837-1929.

One of many wonderful UK union banners available to view at the Working Class Movement Library (google WCML - amazing website!)

The members ARE the union! @UniteHereUnion

People using Cincinnati Public Library Card Catalog... oh wow.. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE spending time like this... I am sooo grateful that a photographer thought to take this image!

Founder of the Cotton Library, Sir Robert Bruce Cotton was born on the 22 January 1571. Described as ‘the most important collection of manuscripts ever assembled in Britain by a private individual’, the library contains some of the greatest treasures of British literature and history, including the Lindisfarne Gospels, Magna Carta, and the unique manuscript of Beowulf.

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