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red ball brussel sprouts: 120 days. likes cold weather. improves with frost

Red Ball

Plant Red Ball Brussels sprout seeds in your organic vegetable garden for the best red Brussels sprouts available, and learn when to plant Brussels sprouts.

Ronde de Nice - A round French Heirloom zucchini from Provence, grown for generations. The succulent, tender flesh is at its peak while the fruits are still less than 7.5cm (3") in diameter, or grow the fruits on to be hollowed out and stuffed for an interesting summer side dish. The flesh of this zucchini is so tender that the fruits are prone to bruising, which is why it doesn't turn up in grocery stores. It is however, perfect for the home vegetable garden.  Matures in 60 days. (open…

Ronde De Nice

Plant Ronde De Nice Zucchini Seeds in full sun. Ronde de Nice zucchini seeds need warmth and bright sunshine to produce their small, round zucchini fruit.

Windowsill sprouting through the winter. I love to sprout snow peas. the sprouts taste just like fresh peas.

Sprouts - Lentils help cleanse and stimulate the body & easily digestible. Their soluble fiber, which helps lower LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar and regulate insulin levels***

Komatsuna Red

Komatsuna Red

Komatsuna Red Mustard Greens - seen at BoHo Farm planted with chard - beautiful!

Growing Brussels Sprouts from Seeds - How to Grow Brussels Sprouts - West Coast Seeds

Roodnerf Brussels Sprout Seeds are open pollinated for seed saving, and produce healthy Roodnerf Brussels sprouts from seed.

Giant Red Mustard.  When small, the lovely burgundy-coloured leaves with light green veins are so mild and delicious they can be eaten in salads. In summer, big leaves pack a proper mustard punch but they are much milder when cooked or when grown in cooler weather. Very winter-hardy, Giant Red can be planted into October or in early spring to harvest as small leaves every few days. For big plants, thin to 20-30cm (8-12).

Giant Red

Plant Giant Red Mustard Seeds in your organic vegetable garden after you've leaned when to plant mustard seeds from our how to grow mustard instructions.

Nasturtium seeds - freshly picked green seed pods & dried seeds ready to sow, save or eat.

Nasturtium seeds - freshly picked green seed pods & dried seeds ready to sow, save or eat.

Banana Fingerling Organic 1

Banana Fingerling Organic

Banana Fingerling Organic Seed Potatoes are a late season potato. This small, waxy, yellow tubers are heirlooms best served baked, boiled, or steamed.

Darkness: 31 days. does well in low light.


Plant Darkness Looseleaf Lettuce Seeds in your organic vegetable garden or raised bed. Learn when to plant lettuce from our How to Grow Lettuce instructions.