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Heres another one for the starving person. As you may notice on the pins I think I want it to be a woman

Today’s single woman often finds herself torn between her desire for fairy tale romance and her new legacy of hard-won equal rights.

Princess Buttercup presentation

BACKUP Table Theme: Princess Buttercup (The Princess Bride) - Typical, but I mostly want to include her because "mawwage" and not so much because I think she as a person is awesome. Actually, she's a bit weak and flaky.

Beatrice Offor, “Circe,” 1911. The Goddess and seductress from Homer's Odyssey who transformed Odysseus' crew into pigs.

Beatrice Offor - Circe, 1911 Circe {minor goddess of magic/sorceress} daughter of sun-god Helios and oceanid Perse

princess bride buttercup wedding dress | ... Buttercup’s elaborately embellished wedding dress also seemed like

The dress Princess Buttercup wore for her wedding in The Princess Bride is absolutely gorgeous. I would actually love to have something similar.

Woman with bike from Harpers Bazaar

Street Style Spring 2012: London Fashion Week