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This si so true! My husband hates just about everyone and I have no clue why he loves me.and that makes it amazing.

Or twice. Or all day. Or...<<<sometimes it works a bit but honestly it's a lot harder than it looks

Funny cause its true.> I've done it. There's a guy where I work study, and the first time I met him, I deduced the crap out of that boy

In this last one, it is so important that he doesn't just send a text, he calls him, and tells him goodbye. And those were his last words.

The first and last episode of Sherlock aired. This is so sad. Just stab my heart.

This cannot be real. Is this real??! TELL ME THIS IS REAL

Fan Fact: According to Mark Gatiss, there's a picture of Sherlock and Mycroft from when they were young somewhere in Sherlock's bedroom. Sherlock had red hair! My croft has an Afro!


Very true. Each of the seasons had overarching themes. Each showed a different aspect of John and Sherlock's relationship. Heartwarming, a bit. >>> And Season (someone helps me please)

Martin Freeman- Most see him as Bilbo Baggins, I my friends am lucky enough to see him as both Bilbo and our beloved John Watson. <3

Lol his face lol ( you see Sherlock its not a weast of time the queen reads it hum) lol haha haha


Sherlock is the ultimate wedding planner and Mary adores him.<= This is all well and good but my big question is "What The HELL does she mean by the bogs?

*makes absurd noises* *I'm so happy*

That's adorable. Love their friendship both on and off screen! I definitely don't ship these two and I don't understand why people do ship then. I mean their friendship is great


Funny pictures about Fan girl problems. Oh, and cool pics about Fan girl problems. Also, Fan girl problems.

My favorite Moriarty quote.

In a world of locked rooms the man with the key is king and honey, you should see me in a crown - Jim Moriarty, Sherlock

A+ parent right here

A+ parenting. I wish my mom understood my fangirling and would do this to me

Ordinary people are so adorable. U think I dream about clothes? HA. What's going on in your funny little brains it must be so boring.

But I’m a fangirl, and I can’t be normal<-- its scientifically and physically impossible.<<<aren't normal people adorable. <<< i wouldnt know since I dont talk to normal people

A Not-So Friendly Reminder About The Empty Hearse.

"that wasn't a friendly reminder" <-- agreed. <-- ditto<-- I've noticed any thing that starts off with friendly reminder and had a a picture of a fandom I'm in isn't friendly at all.

"Now, now, girls..." - It's like the great Cyberman/Dalek face off all over again.  But with less death. :P

"Now, now, girls." - It's like the great Cyberman/Dalek face off all over again. But with less death. :P and more cake