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Most Common Writing Mistakes: The Case of the Vanishing Setting - Helping Writers Become Authors

Most Common Writing Mistakes, Pt. Random Story Elements Even the simplest of stories aren't simple. So it's hardly surprising one of the most common writing mistakes I see is what I like to call "story sprawl.

*Author: Prewriting: Voice: Applying the Moral Premise to your story -- Part 2   || "Nail this step, and you’ll have a structure that embodies the internal and external story arcs, conflict, and resolution of your novel." I've been looking for this everywhere!! I'm so happy. Finally the How off deeper meaning

The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue & Vice for Box Office Success

How To Become A More Productive Writer- This is specifically for bloggers, but most can apply to all writers. (#2--Stop obsessively checking Publisher's Marketplace/Agent websites & social media accounts, etc.)

17 Tasks To Eliminate Or Automate For Greater Marketing Productivity

15 habits of great writers, including "prepare," "share," "declutter," and "publish." (wonderful blog)

Great Communication Skills

15 habits of great writers, including "prepare," "share," "declutter," and "publish.

5 Ways to Write a Killer Plot Twist

Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors: 5 Ways to Write a Killer Plot Twist. Pin now, read later!

Time passing, flashbacks and more. From the 30 Days to Think Like a Writer series. http://www.darcypattison.com/novels/think-like-a-writer-toc/

3 Ways to Handle Time in a Novel

Time passing, flashbacks and more - This article covers it all! Very handy for writer's with tricky timelines.

How to build a story out of scraps of ideas. Every aspiring writer should read this *

Is Content syndication the best way to popularize your blog

The Writers Alley: Applying the Moral Premise to your story

The Writers Alley: The Moral Premise – Part commercially successful story (be it a movie or novel) has at its heart a true and consistent Moral Premise. Without this crucial element, Williams argues, your story is destined to fail.

30 Things I've Learned About Writing That Made A Big Difference by Stephanie Morrill

Go Teen Writers: 30 Things I've Learned About Writing That Made A Big Difference - has links to helpful writing articles on the go teen writers website improve dialogue vbecause saying he said she said gets boring.

How to prepare your #NaNoWriMo novel for an editor. #writingtips #editing

How to Prepare Your Book for an Editor

Find out how to prepare your book for an editor with these 4 writing tips! The editing process can be a wonderful opportunity for writers, so make the most of it by preparing ahead of time. ~ book writing ~ writer tips ~SheWolf★

This year’s worksheets are aimed at exploring what it means to be a writer… What is our relationship to our writing? How can we draw on our life experiences in order to become better writers? How can writing improve our lives? Things I Love Modalities Writer’s Statement Artistic Movement Becoming a Writer Dislike to Like Private…

Creative Writer Worksheets

Things I Love Modalities Writer’s Statement Becoming a Writer Dislike to Like Private Symbolism Challenge Everybody’s Doing It Stories I Need to Tell Mind/Body Seasons Screen Rewriter Writer’s Self-Assessment The Art of Resistance Personal Archetypes

Keeping your protagonist and antagonist from being too black and white will make them seem more real, as well as more interesting.

Why Your Characters Should Be “Gray” - Helping Writers Become Authors. The post doesn't actual share advice, but rather the author's personal example of graying his characters.

Horrifying because we just today read a chapter in a classic called "Little Women" and the moral of the chapter was to not write something you will regret

You Know You're A Writer When.you write something so dark you hope your mother doesn't read it until it's a critical hit