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Bathtub Gin - LA Times Magazine  ¾ ounce fresh cilantro, trimmed  ¾ ounce lemon-peel strips, with as little pith as possible  ½ ounce fresh marjoram leaves, with no stems  20 allspice berries  16 white peppercorns  12 green or white (not brown) cardamom pods  ½ ounce plus ½ teaspoon sugar  6 ¾ ounces Trebbiano white wine  17 ounces vodka

Bathtub gin recipe to "elevate mediocre gin into something with more character.

Beer Cocktails take #9 on Men's Health's 35 Best Tailgating Foods

The 35 Best Tailgate Foods

Want to know 31 Things You Can Do with Beer Besides Drink It? Checkout this website from Men's Health that I'm sure even NWA would approve of!

Christmas mulled wine (with a secret ingredient)

Christmas mulled wine (with a secret ingredient) I wonder if this will work with apple juice?

For the pal who likes hot sauce on everything: homemade sriracha..

Ships to ALL OTHER STATES - Peach Sriracha Jam and Jojo's Sriracha

Appetizing sauce - Homemade sriracha is a must-have for any foodie.

Imbibing in a few brews doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Find out which beers allow you to indulge while staying health-conscious.

9 Healthier Beers (and How to Pick the Right One)

Health benefits of a lager with a lower carb count at only 99 calories, this is definitely the best selection for a healthier classic beer

Our Bun Glaze is the non-medicated truly effective alternative to diaper ointment.  no synthetic or petroleum based ingredients nice glaze consistency and pump dispenser = clean and fun diaper changes diaper rash, insect bites, sunburn minor cuts, scrapes and minor burns cloth diaper safe and preferred

Best diaper rash ointment out there! So sad she's closing her shop. Stocking up!

Bloody Mary Mixer Sampler Pack

Bloody Mary Mixer Sampler Pack

With these cordial recipes, luscious liqueurs for cold-weather sipping or gourmet cooking are easy to make at home. Originally published as

Cordial Recipes From Your Kitchen - Real Food