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Cat love Wicca. Always wanted a black cat, had him for years now.  Best cat ever!

~Black Cat Prayer~ I am the black furred cat. No evil is within I am the same as other cats underneath my skin Please help me to dispel this bad luck myth I bear Not just for me I pray but for Black Cats everywhere.

The Australian Federal Government:  Compulsory spaying or neutering of pet cats and dogs not owned by registered breeders.

The Oklahoma City Metro area has MANY options for low-cost or FREE spay and neuter services. Below are a couple options for low to no cost spay and neuter

Bande organisée

Funny valentine card AM, Friday February 2015 PST) – 5 pics


This photo was taken as the tsunami hit. Can confirm: I stopped running to take this picture.

Monkey saving a puppy? Or Monkey stuffing a puppy away for food in case things get bad? I'm going to try to believe Monkey saving puppy.

funny pictures - Yoo  hazza  SAD ?  Yoo  can  hold  my  Teddy  for  a  minnit .

You Hazza SAD? Yoo can hold my Teddy for a minnit. But juss a minnit, 'k?