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It's mooooot point, I could go on for heifer ▓  f8faef88eeb7552849da8dbc7c05f52d.jpg (604×598)

Corny Cow Humor: What did the mama cow say to the baby cow? "It's pasture bedtime.

My dad would be in jail thank god I hate when he kicks my puppy because he growls at he I would to he has kicked you before

Striving For Tougher Animal Abuse Laws" Posted 2010 Have any of the readers noticed a decline in animal abuse where you live once tougher laws were enforced?

For Throw Back Thursday we present to you a tough young Joe Becker.

A real cowboy has no fear :) The photo is out of focus but, it you look very carefully the bull is behind a fence. Brahman Bull and Cowboy ♥

Sick of people preaching about animal rights- but excluding farm animals

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STOP supporting the meat/egg/dairy industry, or please don't tell me how much you "love animals" if you eat them, you don't love them.

Oh, hi there

Oh, hi there

This is how I live life everyday.which is why my life has always been sooo amazing! I have gotten to do so much b/c I am not fenced in!

You can live without cheese. It's not the same as oxygen. #vegan #friendsnotfood

☮ ♥ (: Ⓥ -The cruelties our fellow earthlings endure at the hands of human kind. -Benefits of veganism. -The brain washing of human kind.-The entwinement of human and animal rights. Number of Animals Killed since you.

"No" to beef and baby cows:  veal.  If some kids knew what they were really eating, parents, they wouldn't eat it.

"No" to beef and baby cows: veal. If some kids knew what they were really eating, parents, they wouldn't eat it.

Kitty found the bean bag chair.  (And, static electricity).

The 49 Most WTF Pictures Of People Posing With Animals

"My cat fell into a bag of styrofoam balls."<------More like he almost drowned in a bag of styrofoam balls


A few hours I went hiking in Northern Italy, and was greated by this cow!

I love traditional Chinese medicine, but the demand for rhino horn in part because of its supposedly magical properties is leading to the extinction of the rhinoceros, which would be an enormous tragedy. Individual consumers have to take responsibility for their actions & refrain from buying anything derived from rhinos~!

There are just four northern white rhinoceroses left in the wild. Other subspecies are more numerous, but all have dramatically and severely declined over the last few decades. From I fucking love science (FB)

.Vaca y pajarito #postalesdelcampo www.tierrafertil.com.mx

go vegan ?