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The Ilustrated London News 20 Abril 1912

Titanic 1912 Illustrated London News 1 /

Saved by S.O.S : Titanic survivors in the Life-Boats 4 Mayo 1912

The Titanic had the capacity to carry 64 lifeboats but was carrying only The law required only It was decided that any more lifeboats would ruin the look of the ship.

The chivalry of the sea: "women and children frist" after the Titanic disater

Titanic 1912 Illustrated London News 1 /

4 de Mayo 1912 Titanic

Titanic 1912 Illustrated London News 1 /

Boats carried an boats needed to savel all... Titanic 20 abril 1912

Titanic - Lifeboats Needed To Save Lives On Board Ships Poster Print By ® Illustrated London News Ltd/Mary Evans X

Made by asurvivor, on an overturned collapsible boat, as the Titanic was sinking.

Titanic 1912 Illustrated London News 1 /

Looking at the book of the lost... Titanic 27 abril 1912

[Lookin Lost Book At Lloyds 1912 Smith Titanic Inquiry]

Suplemento especial Titanic 20 abril 1912

22 Print S.S Titanic 1912 Inside View Palatial Appointments Old Original

The Ilustrated London News 6 Abril 1912

It was only a matter of time before my love of Titanic merged with my new soaping hobby. The first class soap on the RMS Titanic was called Vinolia—Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap. The “otto” being for the type of rose, … Continue reading →