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Image from Steve Miller's Fashion Animal show. held at Galleria Tempo in Rio de Janiero. "By juxtaposing x-ray imagery of local Amazonian wildlife with high fashion handbags and shoes, Miller attempts to marry themes of 'consumption' and 'exoticism' between the animate and the inanimate." Caption from link (image 1 of 4)

Siberian Tiger by Jean-Noel Soni


In this x ray, the colours have been inverted so the background becomes white. This allows the structure of the shell to be easily discerned and highlights the spiralled formation inside this shell.

Muskulatur des Hirsches, Tafel 3 The deer The goat Dittrich, Herman This is a left lateral view of the musculoskeletal system of the whole animal, higthlighting palpable bony landmarks. Ellenberger, Wilhelm, Hermann Baum, and Hermann Dittrich. 1911-1925. Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler. Leipzig: Dieterichsche Verlagsbuchhandlung.