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How to Get Your Teen to Do Chores

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50 Chores Your Teen Can Handle (and Why You Should Let Them)

Over 50 chore ideas for parents of older kids and teens. Here is a list of task ideas and chores for your teen. You can use it to fill out a printable chore chart or to make a list. This list is made to give your teen a clear idea of what you expect from them. It is a good idea to break these jobs down even further and explain what you want done.

Love this for the summer: Mom puts together lists under five different categories - Oh the Food we will Eat, Oh the Service that can be Done, Oh the Places we will Go, Oh the Crafts we will Make, and Oh the Activities we will Do; every Sunday, as a family, they plan out the week w/activities from the lists.

Chore List for All Ages (Free Printable

Chore List for all ages (Free Printable) Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

Love this chore chart for kids- you could easily DIY one of these and use other incentives besides money- I believe kids need to learn that certain jobs are part of life and we don't get money for everything- but still love this idea. Parenting tips- kids crafts