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To Protest Against ‘Virtual Animal Abuse’, PETA Launches ‘Anti-Pokemon’ - DesignTAXI.com

Video game conglomerate Nintendo responded to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)'s Pokemon parody game with an official statement on Thursday.

Headline: "Nestle Puts GPS Devices Inside Candy Bars To Track Winning Customers"    What better way to get us used to being tracked than by making it a part of a fun contest.  First it's a Netsle contest, next it's RFID chips.      Example:  RFID chip contest.  Be the one millionth person to have an RFID chip implanted and win an all expense trip to the Bahamas in addition to a new car and $500,000 in cash!.

New TV ad for Nestlé by JWT London. The ad supports the 'We Will Find You' promotion where consumers can win a prize. Nestlé is using cutting edge ge.

How Popular Are Your Opinions About Pokémon?

How Popular Are Your Opinions About Pokémon?

You can finally battle other trainers in Pokemon Go this summer: While Pokemon has always invited players to "catch 'em all," Pokemon Go…

PETA pits pokemon against fast-food giant McDonald's.

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

PETA Still Hates Nintendo: Pokemon Red, White, & Blue -- I really wish PETA would stop exploiting Nintendo games for its agenda. Twisting an innocent game to push the message is just pathetic.


Funny pictures about Ninja Squirtles. Oh, and cool pics about Ninja Squirtles. Also, Ninja Squirtles photos.

I didn't know whether to pin this in pokemon or Harry potter... So I'm just gonna pin it here..

Harry Potter: Gifts & Merchandise

Which House Do You Belong To? Pyroar [Gryffindor] (X & Y), Serperior [Slytherin] (Unova), Linoone [Hufflepuff] (Hoenn), or Pidgeot [Ravenclaw] (Kanto)

In the new Super Mario 3D Land game, Mario has special abilities when he wears the Tanooki Suit - but think about it. Where did he get such a suit? From a dead Tanooki, a Japanese raccoon dog, of course!    PETA, understandably, is upset over the unnecessary killing of an imaginary videogame character and has made its displeasure known by releasing this fun little Flash game: Mario Kills Tanooki

Play the game yourself! -- br />Jon plays PETA's novelty / protest internet game, "Super Tanooki Skin to showcase how stupid and pointless it is.

Edding. Wall of Fame

EDDING "Wall of fame" in my opinion how a social media idea should be executed.

Do you have a crush that you’re trying to cuff this cuffing season?

Resultado de imagem para pikachu

In this cute anime cute wallpaper, we see a cute pikachu wearing cute red's cute hat. Basically all categories of cut

Attention-grabbing use of RFID - if nothing else proves that you don't have to get past concept to get headlines  http://www.fastcocreate.com/1681690/digital-bottle-cap-augurs-the-internet-of-alcohol-based-things

Digital Bottle Cap Augurs The Internet Of Alcohol-Based Things

Strongbow Gold is a fresher start to a more original night, and StartCap is our product innovation that proves it. The RFID bottle top that can trigger anything and start the night…