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Barry Manilow: 'If it wasn't for therapy, I wouldn't be sitting here now'

Barry Manilow gives a wonderful, up-close and personal interview about the man behind the music. I personally have so much respect for his integrity and dignity in keeping his life as BARRY MANILOW and Barry Manilow separate. He's one celebrity who never allowed "fame" to consume him or create buzz through sensationalism! Bravo Barry, you remain one in a billion:)

Barry Manilow & Debra Byrd - Let Me Be Your Wings - This one's for you wherever you are!

Barry Manilow delights thousands of fans in WIchita last night doing what he does oh so well!

Sitting down at the piano, Barry Manilow serenades the crowd with the classic Billboard Hot 100 Number One hit, “I Write the Songs.”(© David Gordon)

TV highlights 18/05/2012

"Barry Manilow was one of the more engaging enigmas of the 70s and 80s, one which the unfailingly modest Manilow himself was at a loss to explain – but that only added to his charm." If you have a chance to catch this show, don't miss it, it's a gem for fans of Barry Manilow as well as those who appreciate music at it's finest, created to last for generations!