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Home Grown: Growing Asparagus. Always plant this perennial in a permanent location, preferably on the north side of the garden since it grows 3 to 4 feet tall. Continued at... Growing Asparagus

BASIL, GREEK DWARF. Cute little compact plants are only 6” tall and are great for growing in containers.

Naranjilla is a really unique fruit from the Andes; delicious, sweet and sour taste, orange flavor; 2" fruit

Physalis pubescens - Goldie Ground Cherry

Trade Winds Fruit - Physalis pubescens - Goldie Ground Cherry, $2.00 (

Persian Basil New! Really interesting and flavorful! Known as Reyhan throughout the varied nations of southwestern Asia. Has a distinctive aroma, both lemony and spice like.

This early melon has gorgeous, lemon-colored rinds and small sized. The flesh is white, crisp and good. An easy to grow variety from Taiwan.