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Le Parfait French 1.5-liter Glass Canning Jars (Pack of 3) by Le Parfait France

<li>Keep these La Parfait canning jars on hand for added kitchen storage </li> <li>1.5-liter glass jars are an ideal option for food storage </li> <li>Set includes three (3) glass canning jars </li>

Bormioli Rocco 1.5-liter Fido Glass Canning Jars (Pack of 3) (Bormioli Rocco Italian Fido Glass Canning Jars 1.5 Liter (Pack of 3))

Bormioli Rocco 0.5-liter Fido Glass Canning Jars (Pack of 3) by Bormioli Rocco Fido

<li>Enhance your food storage by canning your own fruits and vegetables</li> <li>Jar set is also perfect for preserving nuts, grains and other food items</li> <li>Kitchen storage includes three 0.5-liter jars</li>

Glass Clamp Lid Jar

With a round shape for space efficiency, this Glass Clamp Lid Jar works great for a variety of foods. The easy to store canister can be used in the kitchen or vanity or anywhere else around the home.