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Maybe make an anchor chart for numbers to keep up in the wall for a while?---make a page of this for a math journal.

Teaching Fourth: Summarizing Anchor Chart

Summarizing Anchor Chart

I& Kelly, and I love teaching fourth grade! Join me as I share classroom ideas and teaching resources. I love creating resources that help your students think deeply as well as make teachers& lives a little less stressful.

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Measurement Inquiry - For CAP classrooms, this could double in the discovery center with a graph (children put their name under the color they think has the most)-- Use non-breakable PLASTIC jars and hot glue the lids on.

Ways to Make 5 and 10..Rainbows of Fun!

fluently add and subtract within 20 using strategies. making The Littlest Scholars: Ways to Make of Fun!If they know partners to they can do a lot of mental math.

Kindergarten Everyday Math Center Cards Response Sheet

Kindergarten Everyday Math Center Cards Response Sheet for the 1,000,000 Viewer

Multi-Grade Matters: Ideas for a Split Class: Everyday Math Kindergarten Center Card Response Sheets


This activity helps students recognize the attribute of weight. Students use nonstandard units of measurement and tools to weigh various object. Additionally, students can use these weight measurements to compare and order objects.


British Columbia Kindergarten Language Arts Measuring names--nice back to school activity that incorporates math