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Gravity check! @sami loffer

RANDOM Gravity checks are very important. "Nothing is wrong with the earth's gravity." They say, but that's because I check it!


Funny pictures about I Just Need To Keep My Options Open. Oh, and cool pics about I Just Need To Keep My Options Open. Also, I Just Need To Keep My Options Open photos.

I've always said...the only time you'll Ever see me run is if I'm being chased!

Me, jog?

Me, jog? If you see me running you better run, too cuz something's chasing me!

haha! that's why pinterest gave us private boards...@Rachael Eaton

Or just pin them on the Secret Boards. and THEN send them to my friends through email.

Ha Ha! Funny! LOL! // The self checkout lane was invented by a man who was sent to the store to buy tampons.

There's probably a lot of truth in this statement. I go there when i don't want the judging looks of what i bought. so what if i bought chocolate, ice cream, sweatpants, tissues and the latest Nicholas Sparks book?

Motherhood... while searching through your purse for a penny you instead come up with a handful of crushed crackers, a half eaten lollipop and a crayon.

Any mother has experienced this at one time or another! I always have a hot wheels car or Lego.

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I just died. This is so true I can't decide if I'm going to laugh or cry.

Girls with curly hair wake up like this. OMG exactly what my hair looks like in the morning!