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Reverse Plank

Reverse Plank Not only does the reverse plank target your core, but you'll feel the burn in your glute muscles, too!Start by sitting with your legs out in front of you, heels together, spine long, and palms by your pelvis with fingertips forward.Lift your pelvis off the ground and move your hips forward so you make a flat tabletop shape with your body. Plant your feet firmly on the ground.Remember to keep your glute muscles engaged. Hold for a minute

Calorie-Blasting Kettlebell Kickboxing Workout

Thigh Thinner- (This is killerly awesome!) Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes out, holding 10-15 pound kettlebell at chest. Lift left heel off floor, then squat (as shown). Return to start. Switch sides; repeat. Continue, alternating sides, for 1 minute. This might hurt a little now, but you'll Thank Yourself when u try on that tiny Skirt !!!

posture stretches! also helps you correct your lower belly pooch! This seriously makes you feel soooo good.

The All-New Muffin-Top Workout

2. Muffin-Top Workout: Standing elbow crossover Works your back, abs, and obliques A. Stand with feet hip-width apart, hands behind head, elbows wide to sides. B. Lifting left knee, twist and lower right elbow to meet knee, as shown (don’t let elbow fold in). Return to start. Do 20 reps on each side.