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The Bride’s Photo Album Ask each guest to bring photos of themselves with the bride. As each guest arrives, have them slip their pictures in a photo album, and write a caption for each photo with a fond memory from the event.

Polaroid Guest Book. Enough room for them to write more than a signature and a good visual of everyone who attended

Perfect for gotcha day. A polaroid guestbook. Guests take a photo of themselves and then write advice or well wishes :)

Polaroid inspired unique wedding guest book ideas

23 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas for Your Big Day

Buy a book, draw up empty spaces for Polaroids, they take a picture, stick it in and sign.

A photo guest book - polaroid and washi tape! Get a cheap but cute polaroid camera, a blank notebook, and washi tape in your chosen colors. Have guests take photos and then leave a message underneath. Love this, but polaroid film is expensive and rare!

Polaroid Guest Book Sign Polaroid Wedding Guest Book Wedding

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DIY wedding guestbook with Polaroid, Washi tape and scrapbook.

15 Creative & Fun Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Also saw this at Bri's wedding and thought it was a cool idea, some people took photos with their partners or with the bride or groom, or both. Polaroid Wedding Guest Book

Alternative guestbook - polaroid photo washing line {would look great on the day, before transferring in to a book post wedding}

polaroid wedding photo guest book ideas

20 Must-See Non-Traditional Wedding Guest Book Alternatives