Pin weaving without pins

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Cardboard looms - great trick for weaving designs!

Cardboard looms are wonderful! They can be made with recycled boxes, and weaving can be done with scrap yarn or rags. Show us what you''ve done on your cardboard loom!

How to bind off your weave

Weaving Techniques

A little bit ago, I received a question from a reader who had woven all the way down to the bottom of her loom. Her weave was finished and ready to take off the


weavings & intersections: pin weaving okay--not strictly surface design, but you can SHAPE your surface.

weaving study  i really want to buy a mini loom

April - Inspiration : Open spaces in weave. may be useful for my last strip weaving piece that I hope to incorporate several irregular spaces in.

Create Intricate Fabric With Pin Weaving - Threads

Create Intricate Fabric With Pin Weaving

Make your own colorful and artistic fabric from yarn and leftover fabric pieces with pin weaving. The technique is surprisingly easy to master and produces lovely yardage for garments, accessories, and even framed art pieces.

Such a fun project and a nice and unique decoration! If you like knitting, crocheting or anything like that, you will love Branch Weaving! No special equipment needed, except a nice branch :)

Branch Weaving 101

Learn how to weave a branch. Branch weaving is THE new craft to learn (for adults and kids). We offer detailed instructions with photographs. No previous experience needed!