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This product is a frustration scale, based on the 5 Point Scale system, which uses the characters from the popular movie Inside Out. Teachers can use this frustration scale to help teach their students how to identify their current emotions starting with joy and increasing by severity all the way up to anger.

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I think there should be a separate Category for Lori called dumbass bitch everyone wants to see die

Chart: How Inside Out's 5 emotions work together to make more feelings

Inside Out emotions | That got us wondering what the many blends of Riley's five core emotions might look like. What happens when fear is combined with disgust? Or when anger is combined with joy? Here's our best guess, in graphic form from Christophe Haubursin.

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I need them to stop playing with my DAMN EMOTIONS! This movie is going to be everything I wanted from Playing it Cool. Watch Chris Evans's Directorial Debut in 'Before We Go' Trailer

I'm a lil emotionally unavailable to do physics homework rn // #strangerthings

First Knight - I've seen this movie more than any other in my life... maybe tied with Sound of Music.

This was so great. It's really nice to see that even after everything they have been through in the past few weeks, good things can still happen