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FDA'S 'New' Warning is an Old Attack on Teething Tablets

The FDA recently released a warning about teething tablets that is not only full of fear, but has a lot of inaccurate implied information.

5 Reasons To Take Your Children To A U-Pick Farm This Fall

Getting outside, and supporting local food comes from are just a couple reasons to take your children to a u-pick farm. Read on for more reasons!

15 Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy (That Your Doctor NEVER Told You!)

To help our families build immune resistance, here are 15 ways to keep your child healthy. We approach this in 2 phases - baby/toddlerhood vs after.

10 Signs You Need a New Doctor - Modern Alternative Mama

When you're pregnant, it's important to find a care provider you can trust. If you see any of these signs, then you need a new doctor.

Healthy Children: All Natural Homemade Deodorant

Healthy Children: All Natural Homemade Deodorant

Dear Secretary of Education, I Have Some Concerns

Dear Secretary of Education, I Have Some Concerns - Modern Alternative Mama

Summer Maternity Fashion: Modest and Comfortable! - Modern Alternative Pregnancy

Finding comfortable, maternity fashion items for summer doesn't have to be a big, stressful job.

Why You Should Be Squatting to Poop - Modern Alternative Pregnancy

Humans weren't designed to be sitting to poop. We should be squatting to poop. Come read the benefits of squatting to poop and see why it is.

Yes, it's true.  We've recently returned from a lovely little vacation at Disney World.  Where we flew in airplanes, and were around thousands of peo

I Took My Unvaccinated Kids to Disney World - Modern Alternative Health

Pregnancy anemia is the worst! Try these tasty natural remedies for pregnancy anemia.

Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Anemia

Natural remedies for pregnancy anemia tend to be more effective than their synthetic counterparts, therefore allowing women to have a more healthy pregnancy, naturally birth and happy postpartum.

After experiencing miscarriages, I've learned a few things about coping through the loss. Here are my best tips on how to cope with miscarriage.

How to Cope with Miscarriage Now