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Jellyfish Cake

This is a Jelly Fish Cake. The person who made it used LED lights under colored clear sugar domes and pieces to allow the light to shine through.



Leopold Blaschka (1822 - 1895) & Rudolf Blaschka (1857 - 1938), Jellyfish. Glass. Dresden, Germany,

Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka During the late century, Leopola Blaschka and his son Rudolf produced beautifully detailed glass models of then common sea creatures for natural history museums and aquaria all over the world.

Large hanging Nimbus Jellyfish lamp by 10tacles on Etsy

Large hanging Nimbus Jellyfish lamp by on Etsy

Jelly fish--the weirdest things....

Poster's comment: Jelly fish--the weirdest things.: Cami's comment: u crazy! They be the best most majestic creatures that the Great Lord has ever made! Except my little sister has a Jellyfish sting scare on her wrist… just dont touch them…

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