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(219) Твиттер

Blue-nose pitbull puppy likes to sleep with his tongue out, gah! So cute! This is so adorable!

Absolutely Adorable Albino Dogs!

I'd adopt this stunning albino pit bull in a heart beat! Portraits of Absolutely Adorable Albino Animals!

Pit bull love

I really hope that dogs ears are not cropped like that. Their ears are perfect they should never be cropped.


Raising a Pitbull Puppy: The Second Week in her New Home—Mia the Blue-Nose American Bully Pit 8 weeks old!


Hans & Franz Gentleman’s Essentials

Pit Bulls napping--mine do this, too, usually while in the chair with me!

Hey, mom! Mom, mom, mom, mooooooom!!! #formyloveofpitbulls

15 Very Interesting and Funny Dog Haircuts

Huskie Pit mix ❤️

Pitsky (Pitbull Husky Mix) I was just telling my husband I wanted a pit husky mix! I knew it would be beautiful