OWEN, NY by Tacklebox: Twenty-five thousand brown paper lunch bags!

OWEN by Tacklebox

OWEN - New York emerging designers boutique with wall surface of brown paper lunch bags

Nanushka store in Budapest created by 5 Architects students with €2000

TrendStore: Nanushka Beta Store [Budapest]

Nanushka Beta Store Six architecture students have created a temporary fashion store in Budapest with a billowed canvas canopy and a sliced firewood floor.

Singapore luxury watch pop-up store  "creates the effect of falling crystals"

Movie interview with Asylum Creative's Cara Ang on Hublot pop-up store

'Big Bang', the world's first Hublot pop-up store has been unveiled at the main atrium of Paragon Shopping Mall in the heart of Orchard Road.

Raw Materials used in Men's Retail Fixtures

Raw Materials used in Men's Retail Fixtures. This could be easy to do for the pop up for displaying merchandise.